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Zumba is gaining a lot of attention in online forums and among women’s fitness groups. Touted as a fun and refreshing exercise, you will find many amazing pictures of women having fun in a Zumba class on the internet.

But the first question that comes to mind (for me, at least) – is Zumba good for weight loss or not?

We’ll break down the benefits of Zumba and if you can swap your daily workout with a Zumba class.

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What is Zumba?

Zumba is a form of aerobic exercise that incorporates movements from different styles of Latin American dances. Alberto Beto Perez, a Colombian choreographer, and dancer founded the exercise program in the 1990s.

The movements involved in a typical Zumba class come from dances like the mambo, merengue, salsa, and soca.

Can it Help You Lose Weight?

Since it’s an aerobic activity that also comprises important exercises like squats, Zumba is an all-rounder cardio workout.

So, in theory, it can definitely help you shed pounds.


Let’s take a person with normal body weight, i.e. 155 pounds. Doing an hour of Zumba, they can burn around 440 calories. In contrast, he/she can burn a little over 800 calories if they run at a moderate pace for an hour.

This shows that Zumba, although not as strenuous as running, promotes calorie burning, which is the basis for healthy weight loss.

Consistency is the Key

Of course, taking a single Zumba class every weekend isn’t the equivalent of a healthy workout.

Just like with any other exercise, it’s important to practice consistency when taking Zumba classes to lose weight.

If you’re looking to shed pounds, remember that burning around 3,500 calories means losing one pound. Even if you’re trying to lose weight on a schedule of one pound every 2 weeks, you’ll have to practice Zumba for one hour, 3 days per week.

Other Benefits of Zumba

So, we answered your question as to whether Zumba is good for weight loss or not, but there are various other benefits we need to discuss.

It’s Much More Fun

When compared to other exercises or workouts, Zumba is a much more fun option.

The classes often involve groups, and with all the music and laughing, you may as well be at a dance party.

Tones Your Entire Body

An additional benefit of practicing Zumba is you can tone your entire body and not just boost weight loss. Many women perform toning exercises on a regular basis to ensure slimmer arms, defined hips, and gorgeous thighs, which makes for a routine workout.

Comparatively, Zumba is like a complete workout for your entire body, because it tones your belly, arms, legs, and everything else in between.

Relieves Stress

Workouts of every kind can help reduce stress, but Zumba is different because you feel happy the entire time.

Relieving stress while laughing and moving along to music can help you feel more relaxed as compared to other workouts.

Boosts Coordination

Dancing isn’t easy.

It involves thorough coordination between the hands, feet, hips, arms, and legs. Hence, it’s no secret that regular Zumba classes will boost your coordination.

Therefore, you will be able to perform daily tasks productively with less confusion.

Improves Cardiovascular Health

A silent takeaway from all those enjoyable Zumba workouts is that your heart is much healthier and your body is at a lower risk of developing heart-related health disorders.

How to Practice a Weight Loss Workout Routine with Zumba

So, you’re looking to lose weight with Zumba. Here’s how you can do it:

Take a Zumba Class

Zumba classes are available throughout the world in almost 180 countries, so rest assured there are fitness centers offering Zumba classes near you.

At these classes, remember to wear dance sneakers, CrossFit sneakers, or worn-in walking shoes. Bring a towel along, remember to have fun, and make plenty of friends.

Zumba Workouts at Home

Zumba is best when practiced with the help of an instructor. However, if you don’t have the time or schedule to take classes, you can always try it at home.

Sure, you won’t be able to practice all the complex movements. But, with continuous practice, you can nail some essential moves that form your workout.

I really like this 30-minute Zumba workout from OneHowto. It’s fun, creative, and packed with great moves.

Can I Only Rely on Zumba to Lose Weight?

So, although Zumba isn’t as effective as running, it does promote weight loss.

The question is how quickly you want to lose weight.

For people who need to shed the weight as quickly as possible, combining Zumba with another high-intensity workout is a great idea.

On the other hand, if you’re willing to lose the weight at a natural pace, it’s convenient to opt for consistent Zumba classes during the week.

Plus, there is no problem to pair them up with weight training or with Pilates that can be done at home with a quality Pilates reformer machine.

Remembering the Core Necessities for Weight Loss

Even though practicing Zumba is a great way to lose weight, it’s important to remember the core factors that make up a healthy weight loss routine.

Yes, exercise is important, but you need to eat a calorie deficit in order to burn stored calories. Therefore, make sure your diet comprises healthy foods rich in protein, fiber, and vitamins.

The saying that you can actually burn off all the calories you consume is a myth.

And it would take a lot of strenuous exercises to do so. Instead, practice better portion control, switch out unhealthy processed foods and make your meals at home.

The Final Verdict

So, what’s the final take on Zumba?

It’s a great calorie-burning exercise for weight loss. If you keep up a steady routine and eat healthily, you can shed pounds and have fun at the same time.

Get yourself some comfortable workout leggings and you will definitely enjoy all of your Zumba classes.

Have you ever taken Zumba classes or tried it with friends?

If yes, share your story with us in the comments below. If not, what are you waiting for? Zumba is like a party if you’re with the right people: you’ve got nothing to lose!

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