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You were doing so well, sticking with your diet, losing weight, then BAM! It happened.

You fell off the diet wagon. Don’t stress, follow these tips to get back on track with your diet plans and goals.

Fell Off the Diet Wagon?

First, let’s talk about what happened and some of the pitfalls you may encounter on your fitness journey. Then we’ll talk about ways to handle them.

  • You had a really busy day and missed a workout.
  • There was no time to cook so you ordered pizza.
  • You felt under the weather so you skipped a workout.
  • You didn’t get to the grocery store so you ordered takeout.
  • Your friends wanted to get together and you had one or two more drinks than you planned.
  • You went on vacation and didn’t stick with your goals.
  • You went to a family gathering and ate too much.

Next thing you know, it’s been a week or two since you last set foot in the gym or since you’ve succumbed to binge eating and now your pants are a smidge tighter. You fell off the wagon. It happens. The thing to do is pick yourself up and get right back on.

Don’t panic or wallow in guilt. And definitely don’t quit. You don’t want to let all your hard work and effort go down the drain. Instead, look forward to the opportunity you have ahead of you to get back on the wagon. You can’t undo what you did, so do what’s right today.

Fell Off the Diet Wagon? Tips to Get Back On Track

It Happened To Me

There have been plenty of times this has happened to me. One day falls, one week falls, one month falls, long spells where I have absolutely no idea where that wagon went off to.

And yes, I go to bed thinking “Why did I do that? I know better.” I have to work hard to not beat myself up over missing a workout or eating a ton of chocolate (my downfall). You know what I mean? Has this happened to you, too?

To help you get back on the wagon AND stay on it, I’ve put together a list of tips. And they’ll work with any of your fitness goals, whether you’re on a workout wagon, a clean eating wagon, or doing a challenge (Whole 30, 30 Day Paleo Challenge, Renaissance Periodization Diet, 21-Day Beachbody Challenge, and so on).

Tips to Get Back On Track

Tip #1  //  Cut Yourself Some Slack

You’re only human, so cut yourself some slack.

We all succumb to temptation once in a while. Accept it and move on.

Tip #2  //  Change Your Mindset

The rest of your life is still ahead of you, so don’t look back, look forward. Change your mindset, refocus and think about the good things you’re going to do today.

Worrying about your mistake is a waste of energy that you can instead use to think about how you’re going to make tomorrow better.

Tip #3  //  Revisit Your Why

Think back to the reason you jumped on the fitness wagon, your “Why” for doing it. If you haven’t done it already, write it down. And read it out loud 3 times.

Or post it on your bathroom mirror. Sometimes we forget, so put it somewhere where you know you’ll see it frequently to get that extra reinforcement.

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Tip #4  //  Call In Reinforcements

Speaking of reinforcement, this is a good time to call in the aid of a friend. Even better if they’re on the same wagon as you.

You can support one another by cheering each other on, sharing diet or exercise ideas, and working out together. And talk with family about your goals. Ask them for their support and encouragement.

Remember, you want to surround yourself with people who will encourage you and not hold you back or try to sabotage your efforts.

Fell Off the Diet Wagon? Tips to Get Back On Track

Tip #5  //  Join A Team

If you’ve been toughing it out on your own, now might be the right time to find a group or form a team of people who have the same or similar goals.

Try a team step challenge or a diet challenge with friends or coworkers or family. We have a tendency to stick with our goals when we have others around to help hold us accountable.

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Tip #6  //  Never Say Never

Never say never because doing so sets you up for failure. Rather than forbidding or banning certain foods, think about what you can have.

Being on a fitness wagon doesn’t have to be all or nothing. So if it’s ice cream you want for a snack, don’t deprive yourself and tell yourself you can never, ever eat ice cream again.

Because you’ll end up eating it and feel guilty and awful that you did. Instead, get a low-fat or low-calorie option like a fruit popsicle or soft-serve ice cream.

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Tip #7  //  Keep Track

Keep a Food Journal or Workout Journal. There are a number of phone apps, digital journals, and traditional paper journals you can use. Or keep it simple, grab a small notepad to carry around with you to jot down what you eat or what you’ve done for exercise.

Try the BookFactory Food Journal / Food Diary / Diet Journal Notebook.

One of our readers, April, keeps a little journal where she jots down the positives of each day, things like “fit in an extra workout” or “said no to dessert.” Great idea!

Tip #8  //   Change Up Your Routine

Try changing things up or try something new. Take a spin class or a barre class. Or try a new recipe. Do something different to refresh your routine.

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Tip #9  //  Plan Ahead

Planning sets you up for success, so here are actions you can take to stay on track.

  • Open up your calendar and schedule in your workouts.
  • Set reminders to drink water throughout the day.
  • Make a meal plan for the week.
  • Make a grocery list and stick to that list when you shop.

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Tip #10  //  Reflect And Move On

Consider what your setbacks have been, what your triggers are, and what situations you’ve been in where you’ve fallen off the wagon. Then write them down along with what you can do the next time it may happen.

Fell Off the Diet Wagon? Tips to Get Back On Track

Tip #11  //  Acknowledge It Takes Time

Did you put 10 pounds on overnight? Probably not. Are you going to be able to take 10 pounds off overnight? Probably not.

And it’s the same thing with your body shape. It takes time to go up a size or two and it’ll take time to go back down. So if you have a setback or two and fell off the diet wagon, each time jump right back on, and allow yourself a reasonable time to reach your goal.

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Tip #12  //  Think About What Works

Too often we dwell on what went wrong and not enough on what has worked. Are there activities you’ve done that give you an endorphin high? What healthy habits have you successfully incorporated into your life? Have you found recipes you enjoy that are in line with your goals? Write them down.

It’s great reinforcement of how good of a job you are doing and to celebrate the fact that you’re even on a wagon. Focus on the positives and not on the negatives and you’ll find your journey is a more enjoyable one.

What About You?

So you see? If you fell off the diet wagon, it’s not the end of the world. Follow these tips and jump right back on that wagon.

How about you? Have you had a recent fall from the wagon? What happened? How did you recover? Comment below. I’d love to know.

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