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Do you know the difference between circuit training vs. HIIT? You’ve probably heard that these are the best workouts to get a slim and toned body, with short training time.

I can help you to achieve your dream body, with just 30 minutes of training – only 2% of your day, seems reachable, right?

In this article, you’ll find everything you need to know to add circuit training and HIIT to your workouts and train quickly and efficiently. Stay tuned!

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Is HIIT The Same As Circuit Training?

You may never have practiced HIIT or circuit training, but you’ve probably seen people doing it at the gym. Or maybe, in-home exercise videos (and you didn’t even know it was that kind of training).

Both look intense, exhausting, and seem to be great tools for burning calories all around the body.

But, here’s the deal:

There’s actually a true difference between circuit training and HIIT. Knowing what they are, will allow you to apply them in your training. Are you ready?

Circuit Training: Short Time Muscle Builder

Circuit training is a great tool for burning fat, but it does so through strength and endurance exercises.

Imagine that you have a repertoire of four to eight exercises designed to sculpt and strengthen the muscles of the upper or lower trunk of the body. But the problem is that you don’t have much time. How to train efficiently?

Here’s the magical part:

You have to complete all these moves in a specific time, or a certain range of reps, as quickly as possible. In total, your training should last about half an hour.

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Still not clear enough?

Imagine you only have 3 days to train a week, with very little time available for each workout. Surely you think it would be impossible to gain muscle and reduce body fat, with these limitations.

What would you think if I told you that circuit training can meet all these expectations, and still be efficient training with results?

Watch the following circuit training video, and you’ll understand better. You can add it to your workout if you want!

HIIT: Taking Your Cardiovascular Effort To The Limit

HIIT receives its name for “High-Intensity Interval Training”, and trust me, it didn’t earn that name for being precisely a light training.

The central point of the HIIT lies in the fact that in each activity interval, you must carry out the exercises with maximum effort for a determined period of time, which tends to be 20 seconds.

The major emphasis here is “high-intensity”.

This is critical, your exercises require you to give it all, without limiting yourself. Up to your maximum level.

But wait, don’t panic! Of course, there’s a rest period between activity sets, so you can recover and be ready for the next one.

And now, what kind of exercises does HIIT training contain?

Any type of aerobic movement would be ideal: running, burpees, scissors jumps, jump squats. Any exercise you can think of, that leaves you with your tongue out looking for air!

Looking for some inspiration? Watch this video, and perform this HIIT routine!

Benefits Of HIIT And Circuit Training For Women

One of the greatest benefits of these workouts is that they target all areas of the body.

With either workout, you can focus on your problematic areas, and improve those you already like!

In addition, the circuit training improves your body composition, creates muscle mass and strengthens your bones.

On the other hand, with HIIT your lungs adapt progressively to ever increasing high-intensity exercise, and improve the function of your heart to pump blood to working muscles!

But, that’s not all:

Doctors have confirmed that HIIT and circuit training are excellent for people who suffer from diabetes, high cholesterol, or high blood pressure.

Just take a look with your physician before getting in!

Plus, women can lower their risk of cancer. These workouts help reduce visceral fat, which has been shown to be linked to a cancer-promoting factor.

And, do you know what’s the best part of everything?

They’re absolutely time-savers! Can you imagine to have a full workout with just 30 minutes a day? That’s something totally possible with HIIT and circuit training!

Cons Of HIIT And Circuit Training For Women

After looking at all the incredible things these types of training can do for you, it’s important to take note of the possible drawbacks as well.

Most cons are similar to all types of training: If you overtrain, it can lead to injuries. That’s why it’s important for you to know yourself and your limits.

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Don’t be ashamed to be a beginner! We all start from somewhere.

You can do a HIIT or a circuit training workout using just beginner-kind-of exercises, and gradually introduce advanced exercises as you’re getting better.

Another important point:

They can make you feel dizzy. This happens when your workout is more intense than you can handle, or you become too dehydrated. Never forget to drink water during breaks!

Which Is Better For Weight Loss?

Let’s start with the part we’re most interested in:

What kind of training can help you get rid of the extra pounds?

Both types of training involve strenuous physical activity, which is a trigger for burning a large number of calories. And what does this result in? In less body fat, of course.

However, it all depends on what your specific goals are. Here’s the interesting thing:

If your goal is to improve your cardiorespiratory function, your endurance, and burn a large number of calories through cardio training (which is more intense than usual), then, HIIT is what you are looking for.

The best part of HIIT? Several studies have shown that this training has an after-burn effect: you keep burning calories even after you finish it!

Losing calories while you’re on the couch watching TV after training? I got it for you!

On the other hand, if you’re looking to lose weight while toning and sculpting your muscles at the same time, lean more toward circuit training.

You can even add weights to your workout! It’s been determined that women gain incredible benefits from lifting weights. The belief that weights are only for men, is now a myth!

Summing Everything Up

Hopefully, now you’ve learned everything about the difference between circuit training vs. HIIT, so you can decide which one is most appropriate for you and your needs.

What do you think? Do you prefer HIIT or circuit training?

Share your experience doing these workouts or ask any question in the comments section below!

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