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Ever gone to a yoga class where you just had the dreamiest relaxation on the best yoga bolsters around – and wondered how you could get a piece of that action, at home?

I know just that feeling. And luckily for you, I’ve done the hard work of finding the best bolsters out there, so you can look forward to a perfectly chilled out experience.

I’ll run through the top picks out there, before taking a closer look at how you can use a yoga bolster, and how they’ll soon become an important part of your life.

So sit back, relax, and read on.

TOP 9 Best Yoga Bolsters Reviewed 2019

YogaAccessories Supportive Round Yoga Bolster

YogaAccessories Supportive Round Yoga Bolster

Review: If you’re just getting into a home yoga practice and want a little extra support, then this affordable piece might be one of the best yoga bolsters to start with.

With a classic round shape, this type of bolster can be used in a number of ways, and is easy to position and move around as you go through different yoga positions.

  • Handle on top to make it easier to carry around.
  • Made with 100% cotton cover and cotton filling.
  • Large size supports the body in a variety of positions.
  • The dyed cover might have a chemical scent when new.
  • The cotton filling can get soft and lose shape over time and repeated use.

For a yoga bolster that gives a little extra comfort and ease, without breaking the bank, this is a great value choice.

Brentwood Home Crystal Cove Yoga Bolster

Brentwood Home Crystal Cove Yoga Bolster

Review: In a soft, neutral shade, with a gently quilted pattern, this yoga bolster exudes calm and ease, and the stylish appearance won’t look out of place in the living room or studio.

It’s more than just a pretty face though, as this is also filled with natural buckwheat, providing a heavier and more supportive feel to it.

  • Rectangular shape keeps it comfortable without rolling away.
  • Natural buckwheat filling will retain shape and firmness for longer.
  • Washable and removable covers.
  • Heavier than many other bolsters, so it may be cumbersome to carry around.
  • The outer fabric is made from synthetic material, which may be less comfortable.

A buckwheat-based bolster is perfect if you plan to be using your bolster on a regular basis, and will provide great value for money, as it will keep its shape for much longer.

Yoga Direct Supportive Rectangular Cotton Yoga Bolster

Yoga Direct Supportive Rectangular Cotton Yoga Bolster

Review: If you’re looking for a yoga bolster that can help make your meditation practice or other seated poses more comfortable, this wide, supportive rectangular shaped bolster can be ideal.

The flat edges provide a secure and stable base, while still providing ample support for your body.

  • Large, supportive shape.
  • 100% natural cotton cover.
  • Comes in a variety of attractive colours.
  • Dyed covers have a strong smell when new and may need airing.
  • Cotton filling can get lumpy if not stored flat.

The best yoga bolster pillow is the one that can be used for a lot more than yoga, and this comfortable rectangular bolster is the perfect spot for everything, from meditating to watching TV.

#DoYourYoga Round Yoga Bolster

#DoYourYoga Round Yoga Bolster

Review: A yoga bolster should be inviting and welcoming, and this beautiful bolster definitely evokes the perfect sense of appeal. With an attractive Indian-inspired design, you’ll want to keep this bolster out, even when you’ve finished your yoga practice.

Filled with a cotton and buckwheat husk blend, this bolster has the ideal combination of firmness and lightness.

  • Stylish, washable covers.
  • Buckwheat and cotton blend filling provides long-lasting support without being too heavy.
  • The comfortable round shape is easy to use and stack away.
  • It is not firm enough to stand up on its own and may lack support in some poses.

If it’s important for you to have a bolster that looks as good as it feels to use, this bolster combines timeless style with effectiveness and ease.

Zafuko Yoga Foldable Cushion Bolster

Zafuko Yoga Foldable Cushion Bolster

Review: A yoga bolster with a difference, this is designed to be a lot more versatile, with its foldable shape. This yoga bolster can be used in a variety of ways, with the foldable style giving you a choice between thickness and support levels.

Made with natural and light material, this is easy to carry around, or pack away when not in use.

  • Foldable design has several options for use – you can use it as a yoga bolster, meditation cushion, yoga block and more.
  • Easy to store when not in use, or to travel with.
  • Might feel quite hard at first, and take time to soften.
  • Might not be able to use it in typical restorative yoga poses.

If you like to take your yoga with you on your travels, this foldable bolster is a great way of keeping a little bit of beach and calm with you, wherever you go.

Incline Fit Yoga Meditation Cushion Bolster

Incline Fit Yoga Meditation Cushion Bolster

Review: Is meditation an important part of your daily yoga practice?

If it is, then you’ll want to make it a little more comfortable for you. This round, supportive cushion is one of the best yoga bolsters for sitting with, as it provides firm but gentle support for your joints when you sit down.

Filled with buckwheat hulls, this keeps its shape and firmness a lot longer than cotton filled bolsters.

  • Tailored to provide support in seated positions.
  • Natural buckwheat filling retains firmness and will not flatten.
  • Cover can be easily removed and washed.
  • May not be as comfortable or supportive in some yoga poses.
  • Round and flatter shape may not work as well in some yoga poses.

A yoga bolster that is designed just for meditation is the perfect pick for anyone trying to make time to spend some time in calm and stillness every day.

YogaAccessories Pranayama Cotton Yoga Bolster

YogaAccessories Pranayama Cotton Yoga Bolster

Review: Yoga bolsters can be used in all kinds of ways, and if you’ve ever been in a yoga class, you’ll know that breath work is a really important part of the practice.

The great thing about this particular yoga bolster is that it’s designed to help you improve your breath work, by helping support your body and allowing you to breathe more fully and comfortably.

A little smaller and more narrow than a typical bolster, this is a perfect accompaniment to your other yoga props.

  • Perfect for breath work exercises in yoga, with a gentle support for your body.
  • Easy to store away.
  • Fill level can be easily adjusted to reach the right level for comfort.
  • Not the most suitable bolster for other typical yoga poses.

This yoga bolster is designed to help support your body for particular kinds of exercises. While it’s not the best multipurpose bolster, it’s a great prop to have alongside other yoga tools.

ForPro Full Round Yoga Bolster

ForPro Full Round Yoga Bolster

Review: This stylish yoga prop might just be one of the best yoga bolsters of 2019, as it’s a pretty versatile item to have around.

Made of high-density foam, with a vinyl cover, this bolster is designed to be used with massages as well as yoga, and adjusts to the natural curve in your spine, to provide optimum support.

  • Foam filling is light, with ample support.
  • Can be used for yoga, massage and gentle stretches.
  • Oil and stain resistant cover is easy to clean.
  • Foam does not shift as easily as other typical bolsters, to adjust to different positions.

If you’d like to get a little more out of your bolster, then this one is perfect for providing relief for aching backs, as well as helping you stretch and relax.

Peace Yoga Zafu Meditation Bolster

Peace Yoga Zafu Meditation Bolster

Review: This small and comfortable bolster is perfect for helping you sit more comfortably during your meditation, but it can also provide just the right amount of support to your neck, spine, or anywhere else you might need it.

Made in a soft, crescent shape and filled with buckwheat, it’s adaptable and practical support that can be used in a variety of ways.

  • The multipurpose cushion that can support your body in a variety of poses.
  • 100% natural filling and cover.
  • Easy to modify fill level, to adjust support and density.
  • May feel too small to support you in some positions.

Having a slightly more unusual shaped bolster can be a huge plus to your yoga practice, as it can open up a lot more options for poses and styles for you to try out, and this bolster provides just the right support in lots of different ways.


What is a Yoga Bolster?

If you’ve ever been to a class in a yoga studio, you’ve probably spotted that stack of giant cushions in the corner.

They’re not just there for impromptu naps, though. These are yoga bolsters, and they’ll change your life.

Yoga bolsters are firm, large cushions that are used to support your body in different ways. They’ll usually come in a long cylindrical shape, that is used lengthways along your spine, but you might also discover a few other varieties of bolster too. We’ll get into that later.

Like that other must-have yoga prop, the humble yoga block, bolsters can be used in all kinds of ways, and they’re a great addition to have in your collection, whatever your experience level.

What Types of Bolsters are There?

Yoga bolsters come in a few different shapes and sizes. Which type you choose will depend on how you plan to use it.

A lot of yoga bolsters are used for gentle back bending exercises, as the are firm and long enough to support the whole spine. Simply lying back on one and letting your body sink into it can feel like a delicious stretch on tight, sore back and shoulder muscles.

yoga bolster exercise women

But like yoga wheels, which are also used in a similar way, the size of the bolster will affect how comfortable it feels. So it’s worth checking out a few different sizes before choosing the right one for you.

What Size Bolster Should I Get?

Most bolsters come in a large, moderately heavy and long shape. While they might look at first glance too big to stretch on, especially if you’re feeling pretty tight and out of shape, don’t worry.

The really great thing about bolsters is that they’re very adaptable and versatile, and you can modify an exercise with a bolster to make it more comfortable for your body very easily.

As a general rule, if you’re planning to practice more restorative yoga poses, a larger bolster will be a better choice, as it will let you work on a range of different poses. And if you’re looking for a bolster for more seated poses, such as meditation or other activities, a smaller bolster will probably be more comfortable.

What Shape Bolster Should I Pick?

Most bolsters come in a long, tube-like shape. These are round on all sides, and can easily be rolled and moved into different positions. They won’t roll out from your body, however, as they’re generally firm and heavy enough to stay put.

You can also find a couple of other types of common bolsters. Rectangular shaped bolsters are a good alternative if you’d like to have something to support you in seated positions, as they are not as high as a round bolster, but still, provide support.

woman practicing yoga, doing Seated forward bend pose, using bolster.

The other bolster you might come across is a more cushion-like one. Often known as a zafu cushion as well as a bolster, these are designed predominantly for seated meditation poses, but they can also provide gentle support for your neck, or other parts of your body when lying down.

What are Bolsters Filled With?

Most bolsters are filled with a packed filling, either made of cotton fibers, or buckwheat hull. Occasionally, you might come across foam-based bolsters.

Cotton and buckwheat filled bolsters provide firm support for your body when it rests on top, with a little bit of give, so that the bolster will change shape accordingly. This helps reduce any tension, and allows you to relax, while still feeling supported.

Cotton filled bolsters will tend to get a little softer with repeated use, as the packing starts to condense over time. If you’re using your bolster a lot, you might notice that it stops feeling as firm.

Buckwheat bolsters often feel a little harder, but because the filling won’t pack together with repeated use, these bolsters tend to hold their shape for a lot longer.

How Can You Use a Bolster?

Yoga bolsters can be used in all kinds of ways. Like a yoga swing, they’re ideal for gentle, supported yoga practice, because they let your body feel completely supported in a pose.

Try sitting down with your bottom at the long end of the bolster, and leaning back on top, letting your back feel completely supported by it.

You can even create a slight incline to make it more comfortable, by placing another bolster or a yoga block beneath the bolster at the far end so that your head and neck stay supported and slightly elevated.

Another way to use a bolster is to curl up on your side, hugging the bolster gently and allowing it to cushion your front body.

You can experiment in lots of ways, and find all kinds of relaxing poses to enjoy!

Can You Travel With a Yoga Bolster?

A yoga bolster might soon start to become an essential part of your daily routine, so it’s no surprise when you start thinking about taking it on the road with you.

While a yoga bolster is generally too big to fit inside a yoga mat bag, it will typically have a handle on top, to make it easier to carry around.

women sitting in yoga pose

You can also find some foldable yoga bolsters and cushions, that are designed to fold in half, making them much more portable.


The best yoga bolsters will always make your practice feel better and more comfortable. I hope this article has helped you find out what to look out for, when you’re ready to start looking for one.

Yoga bolsters can come in a few different shapes and sizes. To find the right one for you, you’ll need to think first about how you plan to use it. They can be used in all kinds of positions, and are a perfect way to add some relaxation into your day.

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