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There’s nothing quite like a functional pair of workout leggings. If you buy the right pair, you’ll find that your workout leggings can also double as leisure-wear, shapewear, and even lounge-wear!

In this post, I’ll share with you the best workout leggings for women.

Not only that, you’re in for a treat – you’ll also get to learn what you should look out for before you buy the next pair of workout leggings!

Always had a couple of doubts about the whole leggings trend? No worries – this article will cover the answers to several of the most frequently asked questions on workout leggings.

And, without further ado:

TOP 17 Best Women’s Workout Leggings Reviewed 2019

Reflex 90 Degree High Waist Tummy Control Leggings

Reflex 90 Degree High Waist Tummy Control Leggings

Review: Tummy control? Yes, please! These high waisted athletic leggings double as comfortable shapewear that immediately gives you a tummy-tuck. Confidently flaunt your curves no matter what you’re doing.

The legging’s gusset crotch enables free movement. But wait – you’re worried about uncomfortable inner thigh chafing? No worries: the 90 Degree legging features interlock seams that minimize potential discomfort.

The legging’s four-way stretch material wicks away excess sweat and is the perfect companion for the active woman.

  • Doubles as shapewear – instant tummy-tuck.
  • Hidden pocket – convenient storage of personal belongings.
  • Moisture-wicking fabric – stay cool and dry.
  • Gusset crotch – move in an unrestricted manner.
  • Sizing and fit seem to vary.

Affordable, versatile workout leggings that you can rock from the gym to the streets.

IUGA High Waist Yoga Pants with Pockets

IUGA High Waist Yoga Pants with Pockets

Review: If your workout choice of the day is yoga, you’ve got to take IUGA’s leggings out for a spin. The leggings are designed explicitly by yogis who understand the particular needs of fellow yogis.

The four-way stretch material conforms and shapes to your body, even when you’re working through the toughest possible yoga poses.

  • Four-way stretch material – promotes support and compression.
  • Non-see-through fabric – thick, but high on skin breathability.
  • Convenience – hidden waistband inner pocket for stashing of essentials
  • Moisture-wicking fabric – keeps you cool even when you sweat
  • Inconsistency in quality

Affordable and non-see-through: quite possibly one of the best women’s workout pants for yogis.

SATINA High Waisted Leggings

SATINA High Waisted Leggings

Review: Look no further if you’re on a budget. SATINA’s high waisted leggings are incredibly friendly on the wallet. The legging’s unique “peachskin” fabric makes it unbelievably soft and comfortable.

The stretchy high waistband tucks your tummy in and keeps itself in place even during the most vigorous workouts. Best part? These leggings have been designed to fit all sizes and body types – its sizing runs from Small (S) to triple-X Large (XXXL).

  • “Peachskin” fabric – the softness of the leggings ensures maximum comfort levels
  • Includes “Plus Size” – figure-flattering to all sizes and body types.
  • High waistband – tucks the tummy in throughout your workout.
  • Might not be as durable to multiple wears and washes.

Buttery-soft and astonishingly cheap – it is definitely one of the best women’s high waisted workout leggings for those on a tight budget!

TSLA High-Waist Yoga Pants

TSLA High-Waist Yoga Pants

Review: TSLA’s – light-weight and comfortable leggings are designed with a built-in tummy control technology that hugs your curves in all the right places.

You no longer have to worry about slipping leggings either. They come fitted with high elastic waistbands that stay in place no matter what strenuous exercise you participate in that day. Did I mention that you have nearly 40 varieties to choose from?

  • Moisture-wicking fabric – absorbs sweat and promotes drying.
  • Gusset crotch – provides maximum mobility and stretchiness.
  • Tummy control technology – gives the much-coveted hourglass figure.
  • Seamless waistband – prevents “muffin-top.”
  • The material tends towards the thinner side.

Look no further if you need your workout leggings to also double as shapewear.

Core 10 Women's Build Your Own Full-Length Legging

Core 10 Womens Build Your Own Full-Length Legging

Review: Want your leggings to fit you perfectly? Well, Amazon’s exclusive Core 10 brand offers you the ability to build your own leggings. You get to pick your preferred length, waist, and style, so your new leggings fit like a snug dream.

The leggings feature side panel pockets and stylish mesh panels behind the knees. The detailing is also fantastic: they are equipped with reflective accents and beautiful zipper details at the hems.

  • Customizable – achieve the best fit for yourself.
  • Exclusive Core 10 Onstride fabric – wicks away sweat, and is non-see-through.
  • Side panel pockets – offer additional depth to store personal belongings.
  • It only comes in black.

Stylish and customizable, these leggings might just be one of the best women’s workout leggings for 2019.

Queenie Ke Women Yoga Leggings

Queenie Ke Women Yoga Leggings

Review: Queenie Ke’s leggings are designed for versatility: you can wear them to your yoga class, to a sweaty session of HIIT, or even to a training session at the gym.

The leggings feature “low-bounce” pockets so you can be sure that your phone stays safely in place no matter what activity you’re performing.

Its four-way stretch fabric will contour and shape to your body’s movements. You never have to worry about its coverage when bending, squatting, or stretching ever!

  • Full-coverage fabric – Bend and squat freely
  • Hidden waistband pocket – holds keys, cards, and phone securely.
  • Moisture-wicking – keeps you cool and comfortable throughout your session.
  • Sizing can run small.

Queenie Ke’s leggings are squat-proof, and in my opinion, that makes it one of the best women’s leggings for gym purposes.

Compression Z High Waisted Women’s Leggings

Compression Z High Waisted Women’s Leggings

Review: This reasonably-priced high-waisted compression activewear features a four-way stretch fabric that provides maximum comfort while wicking away excess sweat.

You can wear Compression Z’s leggings for running, yoga, and even gym sessions.

Its compression technology can hold your leg muscles firmly in place and improve blood flow to the muscles. In turn, this can boost your athletic performance!

  • Moisture-wicking material – wicks away excess sweat, prevents odor build-up.
  • Four-way stretchable fabric – prevents chafing of the inner thighs.
  • Compression technology – can help boost workout performance and efficiency.
  • Waistband can run a little too tight.

Its compression property provides full leg support and is, therefore, the best training leggings for lower body days.

Oalka Women Power Flex Yoga Pants

Oalka Women Power Flex Yoga Pants

Review: Oalka’s leggings are perfect for women with an athletic build – the material holds up fantastically even through strenuous exercises in the gym.

Moreover, these leggings are fully opaque and pass every single “bend over” see-through test with flying colors.

The leggings also come equipped with a hidden inner key keeper pocket so you can go for your workouts with as little baggage as possible.

  • Non-see-through fabric – passes all “bend-over” tests, never worry about exposing yourself when working out.
  • Interlock seams – prevents chafing and irritation.
  • Thick material – suitable for winter-time.
  • Inconsistency in sizing.

Inconsistency in sizing aside, Oalka’s leggings are the best non-see-through workout leggings for the athletic woman.

Baleaf Women’s High Waist Yoga Capri Leggings

Baleaf Women’s High Waist Yoga Capri Leggings

Review: Sick of full-length leggings? These cropped leggings from Baleaf are the perfect choice if you feel like mixing things up.

The leggings have a thick high-rise waistband that firmly holds its place during workouts. They’re soft, stretchy, and have moisture-wicking properties.

The multi-way stretch makes these leggings a comfortable choice for your favorite workouts. You’ll never have to worry about irritation while achieving full range of motion. This is because of their design – they feature chafe-free and ergonomic seams.

  • Non-see-through – provides you with maximum coverage.
  • Wide, high-rise waistband – prevents unsightly muffin top.
  • Hidden waistband pocket – convenient stashing of keys, cards, and valuables.
  • The crotch area might be a little baggy.

Baleaf’s Capri leggings are the best workout pants for women who just want to bare their ankles while staying active.

7Goals Women’s Color-block Leggings

7Goals Women’s Color-block Leggings

Review: Sticking to one color is boring, don’t you agree? 7Goals’ color-block leggings feature bold colors suitable for active women who desire to stand out from the crowd.

In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, these leggings can double up as shapewear.

The elastic design of the high waistband tucks the tummy in to give off a slim, and streamlined look. Stay dry and fresh throughout your exercises with the moisture-wicking fabric.

  • Bold colors – inject fun into your workouts.
  • Opaque fabric – wear them for all kinds of activities without worrying about risking your modesty.
  • Wide waistband – stays in place securely.
  • Prone to tearing.

Don’t want to blend in with the crowd? I’m pretty sure 7Goals’ color-block leggings are one of the best workout pants for women who appreciate bright colors!

Copper Compression Women’s Leggings

Copper Compression Women’s Leggings

Review: The unique copper nylon material of the Copper Compression leggings makes them a perfect choice for active women who seek comfort and durability in their activewear.

Its compression feature helps keep your muscles and joints warm without movement restriction – wear them as you need for your favorite activities!

If you hate hand-washing your clothes, you’ll be pleased that these leggings are entirely safe for the washing machine. Score!

  • A unique blend of copper and nylon fabric – designed to help support stiff and sore muscles.
  • Machine-washable – you don’t have to toil over yet another piece of activewear.
  • Tends towards the sheer side.

Probably not the best women’s gym leggings as they can be see-through when performing specific movements, but are still a great choice as compression leggings.

Heathyoga Yoga Pants

Heathyoga Yoga Pants

Review: Heathyoga’s leggings feel like a second-layer skin: that’s just how soft and comfortable they are!

The leggings offer long-lasting, comfortable performance due to its material – it promises to wick sweat away from your body, so you stay cool and dry.

They come fitted with secure outside pockets so you can head out for your activities without worrying about the storage of your essentials.

Heathyoga’s leggings’ interlock seams and gusseted crotch promises that you won’t ever feel your inner thighs rubbing against each other.

  • Four-way stretch technology – ultra-soft fabric provides you with unrestricted movement.
  • Interlock seams and gusseted crotch – reduce irritation and prevents chafing.
  • Thick, high waistband – provides tummy control and silhouette-slimming effects.
  • Inconsistent sizing.

Extremely figure-flattering, and affordable leggings. In my opinion, it’s one of the best women’s workout leggings for 2019 for sure.

CW-X Women’s Stabilyx Capri Compression Tight

CW-X Women’s Stabilyx ¾ Capri Compression Tight 

Review: Engineered to support your joints, these compression leggings are the best choice for you if you participate in high-intensity exercises.

CW-X’s leggings feature a patented support panel that contours to your legs to provide stability and support while allowing your body to achieve high mobility.

It definitely doesn’t hurt that these leggings come in fun, funky colors as well! Great for you if you’d like to brighten up your active days.

  • Patented support panel – provides targeted joint support to your hip, pelvis, and knees.
  • Coolmax fabric – keeps your body cool and comfortable.
  • Double reinforced waistband – holds securely in place.
  • Pricey.

If you need additional support for your joints and muscles, these leggings should be on the top of your to-buy list.

LMB Women’s Extra Soft Leggings

LMB Women’s Extra Soft Leggings

Review: The material of LMB’s leggings is breathable and slightly thin without being too sheer.

These leggings are designed to be versatile – they can be worn from work to workout, to lounging. You can literally start, and end your day with the leggings.

The leggings are stretchy and are suitable for all shapes and sizes. Ready to be caressed by its super-soft fabric? Me too!

  • Completely opaque – you can squat to your heart’s content, and no one will see your underwear through them.
  • Over 40 colors to choose from – you can find the exact color that matches your wardrobe best.
  • Buttery-soft fabric – offers the perfect combination of comfort and stretchiness.
  • Prone to ripping during intensive workouts.

These leggings’ affordability and a wide variety of available colors make them one of the best women’s workout leggings in 2019.

Homma Premium Thick Tummy Compression Leggings

Homma Premium Thick High Waist Tummy Compression Leggings

Review: Homma’s leggings are revered for their abilities to remove tummy bloat without any discomfort.

The leggings’ thick high-rise waistband is especially suitable for curvy women, and/or postpartum women who prefer thick, compression material.

Its seamless design promises chafe-free workout experiences. The fabric is also quick-drying, ensuring that you stay cool and dry throughout even the most grueling workout sessions.

  • Firm compression – instant tummy tuck, provides immediate body contouring.
  • Moisture-wicking fabric – stay active for more extended periods without discomfort.
  • Multi-way stretch material – boosts athletic performance by allowing unrestricted movement.
  • Inconsistent in quality.

Undisputedly the best workout leggings for women who tend towards the curvier side.

Fengbay High Waist Yoga Pants

Fengbay High Waist Yoga Pants

Review: If you’re looking for the most bang for your buck leggings, you should go for Fengbay’s high waist yoga pants. Its non-see-through fabric ensures that you keep your underwear out of sight when you’re being active.

Worry less when you’re out for yoga, running, or in the gym!

The leggings’ compression technology also promotes blood circulation, so your muscles stay nice and warm throughout your exercises.

  • Interlock seams – prevent discomfort while working out.
  • Hidden waistband inner pocket – keeps your valuables safe.
  • Four-way stretch fabric – promises no camel toe while providing a full range of motion.
  • It does not wick sweat away well.

These leggings are one of the best women’s workout leggings in 2019 if you’re looking for value-for-money. Just don’t wear them when you expect to be covered in sweat.

Active Research Women’s Compression Pants

Active Research Women’s Compression Pants

Review: Active Research’s compression pants are targeted towards active women who want to reduce next-day muscle soreness.

The leggings promote muscle recovery by increasing blood circulation to the lower body.

Designed to be versatile, they can be worn for any type of sports activity. The stretchable fabric eliminates itching, irritation, and even chafing when performing all kinds of exercises.

  • Compression technology – reduces muscle recovery time.
  • Comfortable fit – prevents chafing and any other types of skin irritation.
  • Runs small.

Look no further if you want to reduce next-day muscle soreness.

Keep This in Mind Before Buying

The Fit

You have to ensure that your workout leggings fit just right: snug around your hips, while not cutting off blood supply anywhere else in your lower body.

When you’re working out, the last thing you should be worrying about is the fabric cutting into your skin.

It’s also essential to make sure that you don’t have too much excess fabric to deal you: steer clear from leggings that bunch around the ankles and the knees.

If it already looks loose on your first wear, imagine how it would look after you’ve thrown them in the washer a few times.

girl in leggings

You should definitely do a few basic squats to test your leggings the moment you get your hands on them. You don’t want the waistband to roll up or down your waist as you move. It should stay around your stomach securely.

You can then move on to finding additional features such as built-in side pockets or stylish mesh panels once you’ve found the perfect fit.

The Fabric

What separates the ‘meh’ workout leggings from the exceptional is the fabric. You definitely want to choose leggings which boast stretchy and comfortable material.

Hopefully, you’re going to be working out in your leggings – that means you’ll be sweating quite a fair bit.

You’ll, therefore, need leggings that can wick sweat away from your legs, so you stay dry, fresh, and happy to continue working hard.

There’s also another advantage of leggings that help with moisture-control: they can reduce body odor. Yes – you can now sweat freely without worrying about inconveniencing others with your post-workout smell!

Here’s a quick guide on the most common fabrics:

  • Cotton is most suitable for low-intensity workouts. This fabric soaks up all your sweat and holds it all in. Trust me, it gets super uncomfortable trying to exercise when your leggings’ material slaps wetly against your skin. Graphic, I know.
  • Nylon, spandex, bamboo, and polypropylene are best for warm environments. These fabrics are known for their abilities to wick moisture away from the skin so sweat can evaporate to keep you cool and dry. Definitely go for this fabric if you’re prone to sweating a ton, or if you just workout in a hot environment.
  • Fleece is best used when you need extra warmth. Keeping your fitness levels up even during the punishing winter months? Good for you! Make sure to add a layer of activewear made of fleece for extra warmth.

Another critical factor to keep in mind is the leggings’ sheerness. If you don’t want to show your underwear off to everyone working out around you, please try out the leggings with a few squats.

If you’re buying online, make sure you scan through every single review so you don’t end up with leggings you won’t wear.

Ultimately, do pay attention to how the fabric feels against your skin. It does come down to personal preferences in the end.
women jumping in red shoes

The Functionality

You need to consider the type of workout that you’re doing before you settle on a pair of workout leggings.

That cute, light-weight yoga pants might look cute on you during a yoga session but might not give you the support you need for intensive weight-lifting.

Well, here are some recommendations for familiar workout routines:

  • High-intensity cardio – You definitely want sweat-wicking material on your leggings if you’re getting your heart-rate way up. The execution of high-intensity exercises also calls for durable fabric, so you don’t accidentally tear a hole in your pants while sprinting.
  • Stretching – Look out for ‘four-way stretch fabric’ if you do a lot of sitting, stretching, and bending over. Such fabrics provide you with ultimate stretchiness so you can achieve the range of motion your body naturally allows. Try to avoid leggings with zippers or drawstrings – these could cut into you if you put pressure on them while stretching.
  • Weight-lifting – Heavy squats, lunges, and deadlifts will put your leggings to the test. You want your leggings to be absolutely opaque if you’re using them during your weight-lifting sessions. Go ahead and choose high-waisted leggings – they can provide you with additional core support that aids you in heavier lifts!

girl in workout leggings

Workout Leggings FAQs

Is it Better to Workout in Leggings or Shorts?

Leggings can help to compress your leg muscles, so there are lesser chances of chafing around the inner thighs region.

But honestly, it’s all a matter of preference: there is no ‘better’ option. Choose whichever is most comfortable to you – you’ll perform best when you’re most at ease!

What is the Difference Between Leggings and Workout Pants?

‘Workout pants’ is an umbrella term for bottoms activewear. It includes tights, yoga pants, and even leggings. And of course, leggings simply refer to a specific style of workout pants that are versatile and can be worn for several occasions.

What to Wear Under Workout Leggings?

  • Thong – Avoid ugly panty lines by wearing thongs made from breathable mesh fabric. Go for smooth fabrics instead of lace, and avoid designs that have trim. You don’t want to be irritated by your thong while wearing buttery-soft leggings. That would be incredibly ironical.
  • Boyshorts – Choose boyshorts which are long enough to go right under the curve of your butt cheek. If available, buy seamless boyshorts so you can avoid visible panty lines. Prevent unsightly skin folding by buying boyshorts that are appropriately fitted.
  • Laser-cut underwear – These are usually made from super-thin fabrics that will look nice and smooth under your leggings. You should replace them once they start to crease, roll, or fray around the edges – they’ll start showing up under your leggings if you continue wearing them!
  • Shapewear – Need a little extra support and silhouette-trimming? Try wearing shapewear underneath your leggings. Don’t do this every time you workout though – this might cause irritation to your skin over the long-term.

How to Wash Workout Leggings?

If your workout leggings are not machine-washable, here is a short guide on how you can clean them.

  • Pre-soak in vinegar. Vinegar is fantastic at removing unpleasant smells and breaking down sweat stains. Simply soak your workout leggings in half a cup of white vinegar that’s mixed with cold water an hour before washing.
  • Wash in cold water. Extreme heat can destroy the stretchiness of your favorite leggings! Be sure to wash your leggings inside-out, so you give them a more direct clean. Also: avoid fabric softener at all costs! It can trap the foul smell within the fabric instead of removing it. Gross!


Phew, that was a lot of information to take in for workout leggings. This article covered several of the best workout leggings for women, but hopefully, you now have the knowledge to pick out a pair that’s best suited to yourself.

Remember that leggings are not always the best on most comfortable option. In which case, women’s workout shorts are something to look at to find the right piece of clothing for you.

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