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Even the best pilates rings would be considered a secondary tool because they’re not integral to the pilates workout.

However, since they’re available in an affordable price range and have a lightweight design, pilates magic rings gained popularity as a pilates tool with plenty of different uses.

Nonetheless, there’s a lot of variety on the market, which makes it difficult for practitioners to choose from. How is one to know which magic circle is the right one for them, and how do they use it properly anyway?

We’ll help you with this guide.

TOP 7 Best Pilates Rings and Magic Circles Reviewed 2019

Balanced Body Ultra-Fit Circle

Balanced Body Ultra-Fit Pilates Ring

Review: If you’ve ever taken a Pilates class at a fitness studio, it’s most likely that you’ve seen Balanced Body’s Ultra-Fit Circle in use. This Pilates ring has padded handles on the outside and inside, so you can practice several different workouts on a single ring.

It’s available in two diameter sizes, 12 and 15 inches. The 15-inch circle is regular while the 12-inch is considered a mini version suitable for smaller body types.

The ring also comes with a DVD, so you get instructions on how to use it. The inner ring is metal while the outside layer is rubber for smooth flexibility.

  • Padded cushions on the inside and outside
  • Comes with an instructional DVD
  • Offers better tension for prolonged use
  • Little pricey

A durable Pilates circle that can last longer periods of intense use.

Stott Pilates Fitness Circle Lite

Stott Pilates Fitness Circle Lite

Review: Stott Pilates is a leading brand in the fitness equipment scene, so it’s not surprising to see their Fitness Circle make the list.

The Fitness Circle Lite does the job for intense Pilates exercises.

Its lightweight design makes it ideal for working out away from home, and even if you’re a beginner. It’s a 14-inch diameter ring made from high-performance plastic, so you get a good amount of resistance and give.

  • Comes with a link to free exercise guide
  • Has inner and outer foam cushioning for extra grip
  • On the higher price range despite being made of plastic

A travel-friendly magic circle that’s comfortable to use on the go.

Nayoya Wellness Pilates Ring

Nayoya Wellness Pilates Ring
Review: This NayoyaWellness magic circle is making waves for being a travel-friendly workout option.

In fact, its 14-inch diameter is smart-sized so you can add a little exercise to your 9 to 5 shift without disturbing your schedule.

The design includes inner and outer pads with soft cushioning that doesn’t irritate the skin.

  • Offers adequate tension, so it’s not too firm or too ‘mushy.’
  • Useful for all sorts of exercises to tone your thighs, upper body, and arms
  • Comes with a carry pouch
  • It has a bright, yellow color (we think that’s a plus!)
  • It may be a little too soft for experienced practitioners

A great option for beginners who may prefer a Pilates ring that bends more easily than steel models.

Mantra Sports SuperFit Circle

Mantra Sports SuperFit Circle

Review: We like to think of this magic circle as the complete starter kit for anyone looking to try out Pilates.

The Mantra Sports SuperFit Circle offers a moderate amount of resistance, so you get the best results when exercising.

  • Comes with an exercise poster to help beginners learn basic forms
  • Comes in a double-strap carry bag for easy portability
  • Made from reinforced fiberglass for more durability
  • Might not offer enough resistance for people with toned muscles

A durable starter magic circle with adequate resistance for beginners.

ProBody Pilates Ring

ProBody Pilates Ring

Review: The ProBody Pilates Ring is a favorite on Pilates forums and online communities for offering the ideal workout that builds stubborn muscles, such as those in your core, arms, and thighs.

We also like how it’s available in different colors so that you can match it with your exercise mat. Aesthetics aside, it offers some foam padding on the inner and outer sides for stronger grip during exercises.

  • Made from a plastic laminate for adequate resistance
  • Soft foam cover doesn’t irritate the skin
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Its composite build made from plastic laminate can prove too mushy for people with previous experience.

A lightweight Pilates ring that’s suitable for all sorts of exercises.

ProsourceFit Pilates Resistance Ring

ProsourceFit Pilates Resistance Ring

Review: The ProsourceFit will be an interesting choice for newcomers and experienced Pilates practitioners, alike. For starters, it has a durable steel construction that will last a long time.

They’re also the top pick for gyms because they offer a little more resistance. It has foam padding on the sides, but we also like how the complete ring is just easier to hold onto using different muscles.

  • Available in four unique colors
  • Steel construction means not having to spend so much money on a new ring right away
  • The foam cushioning on the inner and outer sides might not be adequate for an intense workout
  • It also doesn’t come with a lot of guidance or professional advice

A long-lasting steel Pilates ring that’s well-suited to professionals and experienced practitioners.

Yogalo Pilates Series Pilates Ring

Yogalo Pilates Series Pilates Ring

Review: Part of the Yogalo Pilates Series, this ring is made from fiberglass, so it offers a fair amount of resistance. Meant to tone, strengthen, and sculpt your system from the inside, the Yogalo Pilates Ring can also help develop flexibility.

You’ll get a strong grip with inner and outer added foam handles as well, and it comes in very pretty colors.

  • Offers more resistance than plastic<
  • Available in different colors
  • Offers strong 360-degree grip with foam cushions
  • It doesn’t come with a lot of instructions

A high-resistance magic circle that provides 360-degree grip for numerous Pilates exercises that tone the arms and legs.

Choosing the Best Pilates Ring or Magic Circle

Before we get down to the list of best Pilates circles, let’s break down the various factors we consider.

These features can determine which Pilates magic ring is the best for you, so knowing about them helps you make the best decision.

Cushion Pads

Joseph Pilates made the first magic ring with a keg ring. Imagine doing exercises with that.

Painful, right?

Now, Pilates rings allow much more comfort during exercises. One upgrade was to add cushioning pads on the outside for a better grip. Then, fitness equipment developers found that adding cushions on the outside would allow for versatile workouts.

Most recent designs for Pilates rings have cushion pads on the inside and outside, but make sure they’re adequate for long periods of exercising.

The Right Material

Magic circles are mainly available in steel and rubber and are sometimes a combination of the two.

While metal-based rings offer more resistance and tension, they’re well-suited for expert Pilates practitioners who have some experience.

Meanwhile, rubber-based rings are a good way to start because there’s more give, which motivates beginners since they see progress.

Price Range

The price for a high-quality best Pilates ring starts from the $30 range and can go as high as $50 or more. But since magic circles are designed to be so simple in the first place, you really shouldn’t be paying too much for an adequate product.


If you’ve tried out Pilates a couple of times and want to take up a challenge, a magic circle with low resistance levels is just what you need.

On the other hand, if you’ve just started to practice Pilates, opt for something that’s less firm. This helps you develop a familiarity with different firmness levels, allowing you to learn personal capabilities.


Weighted Pilates rings are made to give experts a challenge when strengthening their core.

But regular circles with average weights are just heavy enough to make muscles work, without overstraining them.

Which Pilates Ring Should You Pick

So we’ve listed down some of the best Pilates rings we think you can find on the market but are all of these suitable for any practitioner?

No. Even from these, you’ll have to ultimately decide as to which one is the best fit for your body, lifestyle, and workout intensity.

womens gym bag

Your Skill Level Matters

For example, start by considering your skill level.

Are you a beginner, intermediate-level, or a pro?

This matters because your muscles will respond differently to different tensions and materials. While beginners should use models, like Nayoya Fitness, seasoned experts should opt for a robust design, like the Prosource Fit.

Heavy Use or Easy Portability

Similarly, you’ll want to pick the best Pilates ring based on where and how you’ll be using it. While some like to keep one in their office desk, others would prefer it stays in their house or goes in their gym bag.

Depending on where you will use it, the demand for material should change.

Select a Lightweight Ring for Portability

Take portability, for example, most of the designs we mentioned have this feature to a certain extent, like lightweight frames and carry-on bags.

Take Workouts Into Account

In some cases, you may also need two different Pilates rings – one for developing upper body strength and the other for toning your inner thighs. In this situation, using a magic circle with a little give on your thighs can do wonders.

Awesome Workouts with Pilates Rings

Pilates exercises are all about working the core and strengthening the body’s different muscles. Using a mat and a Pilates ring, you can practice several different workouts, even at home. However, we still advise that you take a few classes to make sure that your form and technique is correct.

Quick Pilates Ring Workout in 10 Minutes

Before we get into individual exercises, let’s cover this awesome 10-minute Pilates workout that helps build the different muscles in your body. Keep in mind not to grab the ring by clenching or gripping it at the cushion pads – those pads are only to help you grip the ring with other muscles, like your thighs and arms.

When performing shoulder and arm-targeting exercises, try keeping your arms as straight as possible. Bending your arms at the elbows may help you get more reps, but it’s no use if you’re not working the right muscles.

Inner Thigh Pulse

An important part of Pilates ring workouts, the inner thigh pulse helps improve blood flow toward this common problem. We’ve attached a helpful instructional video that guides you as you do it.

Remember a few things about this workout, though. Always start by lying down in the correct position to avoid working the wrong muscles. Keep your shoulders and neck relaxed throughout, and focus on using your lower body muscles instead.

Chest Press Ring

Targeting the chest and arm muscles of your body, the chest press ring aims to keep your shoulders and neck relaxed. This is so you build improved upper body strength.

We’ve added a video for guidance, which includes a lunge along with a press to engage your lower body muscles at the same time. To better work, your underarm muscles, avoid gripping the handles during each press and keep your hands open, instead.

Power Lift

This leg workout with a magic circle works by putting the ring between your ankles while stretching your feet up. Make sure that the rest of your body maintains proper form, i.e. your arms are to the side and that your shoulders are firmly planted onto the mat.

While holding the Pilates ring between your ankles, focus on your inner thigh muscles and try to squeeze the ring. Don’t worry if you can’t do it on your first try, no matter how much you concentrate. The goal isn’t actually to squeeze your ring, but to work those pesky muscles.

Arm Workout with Pilates Ring

We found this easy Pilates ring workout that strengthens the muscles in your arms, shoulders, and improves coordination. Focus on keeping your arms straight where the trainer says so, to get better results.

Remember, the main goal of the workout isn’t to squeeze the ring as hard as you can, but working your muscles.


Now that we’ve listed our top picks for best Pilates rings, it may be easier to understand which factors determine the performance of a particular magic circle.

Hence, keep in mind aspects, like material, price range, and workout intensity to make the most out of your Pilates ring.

However, at the end of the day, it all comes down to how consistently you use it – so bookmark these great instructional videos and add some core-strengthening exercises to your daily routine.

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