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Have you previously thought about making a difference in your life and have been willing to start working out, but haven’t really done anything?

If so, save the excuses, we’ve heard them before.

‘The Pilates studio is too far,’ ‘yoga class is early on a Sunday,’ and ‘I had to work overtime this week, I deserve this extra slice of cake. But what if you could bring the Pilates studio all the way to your home?

Let’s have a look at some of the best Pilates Reformer for home. We’ll also guide you through all the factors you should consider before buying a reformer.

Our Top 9 Picks for Best Pilates Reformer 2019

It’s time to bring home a Pilates reformer for home, but if there are too many options to choose from, we’ll help you decide by listing the top models.

Stott Pilates Merrithew SPX Reformer Bundle


Review: Well, start off with a super-pricey option that comes with all the perks. The STOTT PILATES MERRITHEW is a great SPX reformer bundle with plenty of add-ons that give you the ultimate Pilates experience.

It’s definitely a studio-level setup, except it’s much more reasonable for the price.

The complete set up includes a box for the reformer, soft platform extender, and foot bar with different adjustments. You can do pretty much any Pilates workout routine on this reformer made for champions.

  • Comes with plenty of additional features
  • Comes with instructional DVDs
  • Has full-tension springs
  • Pricey because of versatile features

It’s definitely the best option for experienced practitioners who want intense training sessions at home.

Stamina AeroPilates Pro XP 556

Stamina AeroPilates Pro XP 556

Review: For many Pilates enthusiasts, the Stamina AeroPilates Pro Series reformers definitely take the cake in terms of functionality, performance, and budget.

The Pro XP 556, which is very affordable, offers adjustable and robust spring resistance, lengthy aluminum railings, high-density, and sturdy foam pads, and cardio rebounders.

It provides convenience with its minimalist, no-nonsense design, and amazing functionality.

It’s all you need to practice most of the exercises and stretches you usually perform at the studio. It comes with instructional DVDs and can support almost 136 kilograms.

  • Simple design
  • Strong aluminum rails
  • Adjustable foot bars
  • No cons for the price point

If you’re new to practicing Pilates and looking for a good reformer to train at home, this is a great option for small to medium budgets.

Balanced Body Pilates IQ Reformer

Balanced Body Pilates IQ Reformer

Review: Balanced Body’s Pilates equipment is well known for offering studio-level performance. When it comes to a storage-friendly Pilates reformer for home, their IQ Reformer is the ideal choice.

We’ll admit, it has fewer additional features that the STOTT PILATES reformer we listed, despite having a high price point. But, who wouldn’t like a full-sized reformer that stores away at the drop of a hat.

Of course, it has plenty of other selling points, like adjustable headrest positions, great resistance, and high-quality construction. It only comes with a built-in stand, but this is useful because you can keep it under the bed.

  • The reformer carriage moves smoothly
  • Springs offer great progressive resistance
  • Adjustable ropes and headrest positions
  • Easy to store
  • Doesn’t come with a stand, so it lies on the floor

Sure, the IQ Reformer doesn’t offer as many features as the MERRITHEW for the high price point, but we love its telescoping frame. It expands to full length while in use and collapses when you’re done, making it easy to store away.

Weider Ultimate Body Works Reformer

Weider Ultimate Body Works Reformer

Review: The Ultimate Body Works is designed to appeal to people who regularly practice mobility and flexibility exercises, but want to try their hand at Pilates as well.

It’s very durable because it’s made from strong materials, and you can readjust the frame to do most exercises you’ll learn in a Pilates class.

It features a sturdy cable-and-pulley mechanism, adjustable power bands that offer extra resistance and a variable incline. Not to mention, it also folds up easily for storage purposes.

  • Lets you combine Pilates with mobility and flexibility exercises
  • Bungee-cord power bands provide additional resistance
  • Has a variable incline that lets you perform various Pilates exercises
  • No glidebar stoppage positions or headrest

True, the Weider Ultimate Body Works wouldn’t appeal to dedicated Pilates practitioners. But for the affordable price point, it still has a bunch of great features that make it a great, storage-friendly choice for home training.

Beverly Hills Toning Tower (Supreme)

Beverly Hills Toning Tower (Supreme)

Review: When you’re picky and have a tight budget, it’s not easy buying a Pilates reformer for the home. Fortunately, you can come across a few options that allow most Pilates activities and exercises, minus the high price.

In this case, it’s the Beverly Hills Toning Tower.

It has a lightweight yet durable construction and arrives at your doorstep completely assembled. It comes with an instructional DVD, and it doesn’t take up too much space thanks to its clean and minimalist design.

  • Super affordable
  • Suitable for most Pilates stretches and exercises
  • Folds up easily for storage
  • Doesn’t allow too many adjustments

We’ll admit, the Supreme Toning Tower looks a little bland in comparison to the STOTT PILATES or even the AeroPilates. Nevertheless, it’s an exceptional model that you should consider if your budget is small and you don’t have much space.

Pilates Power Gym Mini Reformer (Pro)

Pilates Power Gym Mini Reformer (Pro)

Review: So we’ve discussed the capacity of collapsing and storage-friendly reformers, but what about an inclusive design that takes up little space?

The Pilates Power Gym Mini Reformer takes up very little space, whether you keep it in the basement, apartment room, or home office.

It can accommodate users over 6 feet tall and weighing over 130 kilograms. It can allow the same Pilates exercises as various full-sized models and comes with three incline levels.

The package includes instructional DVDs, wheels for quick mobility, and over 40 resistance settings.

  • Takes little space
  • Inclusive design accommodates a wide range of people
  • Numerous resistance settings to train different muscle zones
  • Three incline levels
  • May not feel as comfortable to use as full-sized options

With an affordable price point, numerous resistance settings, and adjustable features, it’s the space-friendly solution every Pilates enthusiast needs.

Beverly Hills Fitness Supreme Pilates Pro

Beverly Hills Fitness Supreme Pilates Pro

Review: An upgrade from the basic Toning Tower, the Beverly Hills Fitness Supreme Pilates Pro comes with additional gear that provides extra value.

It comes with an upper-body wood bar for different workouts, and the frame includes two pads for lumbar support.

For better resistance, it features two sets of coils, while the foot and hand straps improve exercise efficacy. You can fold the base pad for comfortable use and the toning tower for Barre workouts.

It comes with an extensive DVD range that includes cardio, yoga, Pilates, and Barre workouts.

  • Allows a wide variety of workouts
  • Beginner oriented with a simple design
  • Offers varying levels of resistance
  • Not for advanced Pilates exercises

It is an affordable solution for people who want to upgrade from the Toning Tower and try to incorporate different training exercises into their routine.

Peak Pilates Fit Reformer

Peak Pilates Fit Reformer

Review: The Peak Pilates Fit Reformer is for those who have the budget but not the space for a studio reformer. Most committed Pilates practitioners who want to be at their A-game all the time want to train on the best equipment, even at home.

The price tag on the Peak Pilates Fit Reformer may seem a little high for the rest of us, but it’s actually half the price of a conventional studio model.

It’s designed to add a jump board, has an aluminum frame, and comes with adjustable ropes for customized resistance.

  • Studio reformer features at a better price
  • 3 position headrest
  • Durable aluminum frame and adjustable ropes
  • Some users may feel that the foot bar doesn’t go as low as on other reformers

A compact-sized studio reformer allows intense Pilates workouts from the comfort and convenience of home.

Stamina AeroPilates 700 Premier Reformer

Stamina AeroPilates700 Premier Reformer

Review: Next up on our list of affordable Pilates Reformers for home is the Stamina AeroPilates 700 Premier Reformer. It’s popular for having features, like a neck pillow, a stand, and a cardio rebounder.

Users enjoy using it thanks to its comfortable wide foot bar, adjustable support, and hand straps.

Combining function with comfort, the AeroPilates 700 Premier Reformer is elevated at 10 inches to allow advanced exercises.

With robust construction, adjustable ropes and strap height, you get a studio-like Pilates training experience at a bargain.

  • 10-inch stand height allows users to perform different exercises
  • Adjustable neck and head support
  • Comfortable hand and foot straps make an ergonomic design
  • None at this price point

An affordable Pilates reformer machine for home that allows comfort and functionality in one design.

How Do I Pick the Best Pilates Reformer Machine?

women working out on pilates machine


The biggest consideration for any Pilates practitioner is the price of a reformer, but that doesn’t imply that everyone’s looking for the lowest-priced deal. It entirely depends on whether a Pilates practitioner has experienced working out on a high-end reformer or not.

People that haven’t are missing out on a productive workout routine, and thus believe that a cheaper model will have the same benefits as any other. In the end, you need to consider the value a machine provides, instead of looking at how much it costs

Price doesn’t always guarantee quality and thus, you can conveniently find the best inexpensive pilates reformer on the market.

Some may prefer to go over their budget to get a reformer that lasts a long time without any need for detailed repairs. Similarly, saving a couple of hundred dollars by purchasing a cheaper model can cost you more in the long run when you have to get it repaired every other day.

Product Guarantee

To avoid hassles, you should get a Pilates reformer for your home from a company that offers a guarantee on the purchase. Brands that don’t make a guarantee or provide a warranty on their products don’t deserve your attention.

This aspect sets apart companies – guarantees prove that a brand is ready to bet their reputation to prove its quality.

Usually, 3-year warranties are adequate for a Pilates reformer machine at home but consult with a store representative whether it’s possible to get a lifetime warranty.

Brand’s Customer Support

Even buying the best Pilates reformer ever made doesn’t mean that you won’t need assistance eventually.

Customer product support is a company’s ability to accommodate a frustrated user by providing assistance, such as when the reformer needs to be set up.

Check the brand to see if you can easily reach them through their website, phone number, or email. Select a company that responds promptly.

Space in Your Home – Size of the Reformer

Despite its numerous benefits, let’s face it, a Pilates reformer for home isn’t s small and space efficient as a mat or magic circle. Of course, if your home has plenty of room, it shouldn’t be an issue having to fit a hefty-sized reformer machine.

women drinking water

However, when you’re living in a shared or smaller space, like a larger chunk of the population, space and size are significant considerations.

Setting up a reformer in a small apartment or room will need an ample amount of space on all surrounding sides. This is not just for maintenance and safety purposes, but so that you can use the machine with ease.

Of course, not everyone can find the needed space for a machine like this in their homes. In which case you should look at some other smaller training equipment like the under desk ellipticals and mini exercise bikes or the top mini-steppers.


A Pilates reformer machine for the home should have a robust contraction and amazing durability to take up wear and tear from intense exercises.

Look at the materials that go into a particular model – while wood-based models have a nice aesthetic, solid metal boasts durability and performance that last.

Nonetheless, this doesn’t imply that the durability of a Pilates reformer should be judged based on individual parts.

Analyze the build quality and its capacity to hold weight – it’s always best to settle for a high range, i.e., a platform that can safely hold at least 125 kilos.

Versatile Design

Thanks to innovative brands, modern Pilates reformers for your home can include a handful of other features as well. This is so you can make the most out of your workout by performing a range of exercises on a single machine.

Reformers are meant to provide resistance, so versatility, in the best pilates machine for home use, would be the ability to switch between different levels of resistance. This feature means that you can train different muscles of your body with suitable resistance levels.

Similarly, you might find it preferable if the best home pilates reformer comes with different attachment points for exercise equipment.

However, don’t just settle for extra perks, make sure that these additional features are quick, simple, and convenient to integrate, so they don’t disrupt your workout progress.


Last but not least, a Pilates reformer machine would be nothing if not comfortable. After all, numerous experts outline the benefits of practicing Pilates exercises and stretches on a raised surface, such as that of a reformer, rather than on the floor.

women sitting with water bottle

Hence, look for a reformer machine with adequate lumbar and neck support, comfortable arms and leg raising straps. Keep an eye out for other adjustable features as well, so your muscles get the best support.

Is a Pilates Reformer Machine Worth it?

It differs from mat exercises or just using a Pilates circle. This exercise machine requires that the user maintains different Pilates movements in a single workout session.

The reformer provides hefty resistance from elements like your body weight, leverage, and springs. Your body has to resist these factors while sustaining Pilates positions to target and work a specific muscle.

This resistance equipment is helping novice Pilates practitioners perfect their mat exercises. The reformer also provides a challenge to experienced practitioners who prefer an intense workout.

The reformer makes a lot of exercises incredibly convenient as compared to the mat, so it’s definitely worth it.

How to Use a Reformer?

On a reformer, your Pilates workout will include controlled movements that assist the muscles in working through your entire range of motion.

While your body maintains flexibility, balance and higher range of motion, the reformer will help make each exercise more challenging by adding resistance. This helps in training your muscles, so they maintain better fitness levels.

We like this video because of how it introduces the machine in simple terms, addressing the fact that it looks complicated, but isn’t. Familiarizing yourself with a Pilates reformer machine is great.

This way, you can learn a variety of simple and easy Pilates exercises to develop your own personalized workout based on which muscle zones you think need more work.

This video introduces how you’re supposed to use a reformer machine. Nonetheless, there are numerous variations of exercises that you can try out.

Pilates Home Reformer Workout and Exercises

Since most women looking to lead a healthier lifestyle don’t have the time or resources for a gym membership or to take a Pilates class, getting reliable sports equipment allows them to exercise in the comfort of their home.

Now that a lot of people are trying to incorporate daily exercise as a part of their routine, many households own at least one piece of fitness equipment, like a Pilates reformer for home.

Here are some of the best pilates reformer for home use that you can practice at home for a sculpted body look.

We really liked this 30-minute full body Pilates reformer workout.

This Upper body and abs reformer workout are great for the post-holiday season!

Tone your legs and butt with this reformer exercise to build strength!

Want to sculpt those arms back in shape? We thought this reformer workout would be perfect for the abs too.


These were our top picks for the best Pilates reformer for home, but make sure that you carefully understand the specifications before the final purchase.

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