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You must have seen those big bouncy balls in the gym you work out in.

Have you ever wondered what they’re good for other than sitting and bouncing on for Instagram videos? Well, wonder no more – in this article, I’ll cover the benefits and FAQs of working out with an exercise ball.

Now, if you’re already aware of the benefits and want the best exercise ball possible for yourself, you can refer to our guide on the best 9 available!

TOP 9 Best Exercise Balls 2019

Trideer Heavy-Duty Stability Ball

Trideer Heavy-Duty Stability Ball

Review: I’ve always feared working out on exercise balls because they seem like they could burst at any moment. If you have the same fears as me, you’d be just as glad as I am that Trideer’s heavy-duty stability ball is capable of supporting nearly 1000 kilograms!

You could literally pile three or four friends on the exercise ball, and it’ll be fine. Not only that – the exercise ball is made with high quality, non-toxic PVC material. It’s free of bisphenol A (BPA) – an industrial chemical associated with adverse health effects – and heavy metals.

  • Extra thick – withstands up to 1000 kilograms in weight.
  • High-quality material – professional, non-toxic material that is free of harmful chemicals and metals.
  • Comes with a foot pump – save time and energy; the foot pump allows for easy inflation.
  • Inconsistent quality.

If you’re absolutely terrified of landing on your tailbone without any warning when you’re sitting on an exercise ball, get this from Trideer. Absolutely the best stability ball when it comes to weight limits.

URBNFit Exercise Ball

URBNFit Exercise Ball

Review: Never knew what you could do with an exercise ball? No worries – if you purchase one from URBNFit, you get a free mobile device compatible PDF workout guide! How’s that for an excellent product you can make the most of?

It doesn’t matter if your friends come over at the very last minute and you need the extra space that’s taken up by the ball.

The stability ball also comes with a quick dual action inflation pump so you can quickly inflate and deflate the exercise ball within minutes.

  • Size options – available in 5 sizes; choose between 45 cm, 55 cm, 65 cm, 75 cm, and 85 cm.
  • Anti-burst material – able to stand up to even the most rigorous workouts.
  • Comes with PDF guide – you won’t run out of exercise ideas anymore.
  • The pump that comes along with the purchase does not work well.

Always wanted an exercise ball, but never gotten around to owning one because you don’t know what you’re going to do with it? Get URBNFit’s exercise ball – you’ll get all the guidance you need! Definitely the best balance ball available in the market.



Review: This exercise ball is serious about helping you achieve your fitness goals, and it shows.

How? Well, it comes with workout accessories like resistance bands – these help you get in a more intense workout session that you would not have achieved by just using the exercise ball.

Also, the ball is made with non-toxic and eco-friendly material. Workout in peace, knowing that you’re not harming the environment! The exercise ball has been designed to be both anti-burst and anti-slip.

This dramatically reduces the likelihood of falls and potential injuries.

  • Workout accessories – you’ll be surprised at how much exercise you can get at home with workout accessories (resistance bands) that come along with the ball.
  • Anti-burst and anti-slip material – reduces the risk of accidents.
  • Comes with inflation pump – quickly inflates the exercise ball so you can start working out.
  • The foot pump is a little flimsy and is not efficient at getting air into the ball.

With its anti-burst and anti-slip properties, this is possibly one of the best yoga balls available.

DynaPro Anti-burst Stability Ball

DynaPro Anti-burst Stability Ball

Review: You should never exercise with sharp objects lying around on the floor if you are using an exercise ball – you know that, right?

Well, if you’re not able to control your workout environment, you’re better off with getting an exercise ball from DYNAPRO.

The ball has been designed to be highly resistant to sharp objects. And even if that lone thumb-tack does pierce through your exercise ball, the ball has been designed to deflate slowly.

This is so you don’t end up hurting yourself in the event of a sudden fall.

  • Thick PVC material – delivers a higher degree of resistance to sharp objects that may come into contact with the ball.
  • Non-slip ribbed body – makes it easy to hold the ball while working out without slipping, even with profuse sweat dripping from your body.
  • It comes with a hand pump – you don’t have to spend additional money to get another pump.
  • The exercise ball takes quite a bit of time to inflate.

This is the best exercise ball for you if you’re sick and tired of slipping around when you’re covered in sweat. Its contoured, ribbed body will give you the grip you desire.

Promic Slip Resistant Stability Ball

Promic Slip Resistant Stability Ball

Review: The exercise ball from PROMIC is truly slip-resistant: it’s made with a professional grade rubber that has a matte textured finish with contoured, horizontal lines. This helps to improve grip and prevents your body from shifting around when you’re working out.

It features thick walls that are anti-burst. Never worry about your exercise ball ‘exploding’ on you while you’re amid your crunches.

  • Anti-burst material – tested to be able to sustain a 2 cm cut without bursting; it simply deflates slowly.
  • Slip-resistant – improves your grip on the ball so you can get in a more effective workout.
  • Easy cleaning surface – the ball is easily cared for; you can wash the ball with soap and water.
  • Durability issues.

If you’re looking for an exercise ball that will let you perform your sit-ups and crunches without sliding around, this is your best bet. This could just be the best exercise ball for abs.

SmarterLifeProducts Exercise Ball for Yoga

SmarterLifeProducts Exercise Ball for Yoga

Review: Do you have sensitive skin? You do? Well, you should opt for this exercise ball from SmarterLifeProducts – it’s made with hypoallergenic material.

Also, it’s designed with tactile lines that are meant to blend with its smooth surface. This helps provide a comfortable, yet non-slip contact with your skin without any stickiness. The ball’s sturdy 0.2 cm PVC casing stretches evenly across the surface – this helps to maintain its shape over a more extended period.

It’s not just durable as well; it’s anti-burst, so you never have to worry about your exercise ball popping like a balloon beneath you!

  • Anti-slip matte surface – provides you with a better grip on the exercise ball.
  • High anti-burst rating – has a higher degree of resistance against sharp objects.
  • Hypoallergenic material – suitable even for people with sensitive skin.
  • The air pump that comes with the exercise ball breaks easily.

Other than possibly needing to buy a separate air pump to inflate the exercise ball, this offering from SmarterLifeProducts is your best option if you have sensitive skin.

ProBody Pilates Professional Grade Exercise Ball

ProBody Pilates Professional Grade Exercise Ball

Review: Many new exercise balls smell plasticky when they first come out of the box.

If you’re highly sensitive to smells, ProBody Pilates’ balance ball is right up your alley. The ball is made with low-odor material that is free of the six common harmful phthalates (industrial chemicals that are known to cause health issues).

Don’t know what you could do with your exercise ball? Don’t fret – when you purchase the ball, you get access to a full guide on stability ball exercises. You don’t have any excuses now, do you?

  • Low-odor material – you don’t have to wait for weeks for the ‘plasticky’ smell to fade; this exercise ball is nearly odorless.
  • Burst-resistant – lowers the risk of injuries.
  • Accessories – comes with a hand pump and workout guide.
  • Quality issues; certain balls do not inflate properly (or entirely).

Quality issues aside, this is an excellent choice for those seeking an exercise ball while on a strict budget.

Mantra Sports Exercise Ball Chair

Mantra Sports Exercise Ball Chair

Review: Want to reap the core-strengthening benefits of an exercise ball when you’re working too? Get the exercise ball chair from Mantra Sports.

The ball comes with a removable stability base that anchors the ball so you can sit comfortably in your office. This adds additional stability while still forcing you to sit upright – you’ll definitely see improvements in your posture over the long-term!

It also comes with attachable resistance bands so you can add strength training into the mix. Talk about versatility!

  • High-quality material – phthalate-free, and is resistant to bursting.
  • Stability base – you can choose to anchor the ball for sitting or for the prevention of it rolling around while you’re performing specific exercises.
  • Exercise poster – shows complete workouts for all levels; comes with written instructions to ensure perfect form.
  • Packaging issues; exercise balls occasionally come without the advertised additional parts and workout guide.

The option of a stability base makes this the best exercise ball for office – you can simply attach it and use it as a chair!

The Birth Ball Pregnancy Exercise Ball

The Birth Ball Pregnancy Exercise Ball

Review: Pregnant, and want to get your body ready for the big day? Try The Birth Ball’s pregnancy exercise ball! This ball has been designed specifically for pregnancy and labor with mothers in mind.

It comes with a trimester-specific 18 pages exercise guide – you’ll be well-prepared for your workouts no matter if it’s before, during, or after your labor!

And of course – you’re carrying a little one. Your safety is of the utmost importance. The pregnancy exercise ball provides more support than a standard exercise ball; the team behind the production has performed several stress tests to verify this.

  • Additional support – created with extra thick slip-proof PVC to ensure the safety of mothers.
  • 18-page visual instructional guide – comes packed with specific trimester exercises, so you don’t have to do additional research.
  • Non-slip socks – prepare you for your special birthing day in the hospital.
  • Pricier than other exercise balls.

With it being specifically designed for pregnancy and labor, this is definitely the best exercise ball for pregnancy!

What to Keep in Mind Before Buying an Exercise Ball

There are so many options available – what do you need to look out for to make sure that you’re getting the best ball possible for yourself?

Well, here’s a short and simple guide for you:

Anti-burst Material

“I want my exercise ball to burst on me mid-way through my workout,” said no one ever. Always choose a ball made of anti-burst material – this ensures that the ball will slowly deflate when punctured, instead of popping like a balloon.

women training at home

Imagine if you were exercising with weights on the ball: a fall could lead to pretty serious injuries!

Weight Limit

Go for exercise balls that have a high weight limit. This is especially important if you plan on using additional weights in your workouts, such as weight-plates and dumbbells.

You can check the maximum weight that a ball can safely support through its anti-burst rating. It’s best to go for balls that have an anti-burst rating of 500 kilograms and greater. Most exercise balls will have two classifications – dynamic and static.

What’s the difference, you ask?

  • Static – the maximum weight supported if you sit on the ball
  • Dynamic – the maximum weight supported by the ball when there’s bouncing, free weights, and movement involved.

Obviously, if you’re planning on doing anything other than sitting on the ball, base your buying decision on the ball’s dynamic rating.


You’ll be coming in close contact with the exercise ball; it’s vital for you to choose the texture you’re most comfortable with.

But if you’re a fan of smooth textures, be conscious of the risk of falling. The combination of sweat and smooth surfaces is bound to create a very unsafe situation.

Nonetheless, you’ll need to base your choice on your taste – make sure to test out a few exercise balls of varying textures and determine which feel you most prefer.


There’s no way you’re going to purchase an exercise ball in its inflated form.

Make sure that the exercise ball comes with pumps, so you don’t have to spend additional money on getting one.


How Do I Use an Exercise Ball?

There are several ways you can use the exercise ball – it really depends on your goal.

Here are different goals to aim for, so you can learn with time how to use the exercise ball to achieve your goals.

You can also Google for more ways to use the exercise ball – it is a really versatile piece of fitness equipment!

Is Sitting on an Exercise Ball Good for Me?

It is!

Be honest: do you tend to slouch and lean back in your chair? Well, you’re not alone. Many of us have picked poor posture habits in our daily lives.

Enter the exercise ball: there’s no back to support you. You’re, therefore, forced to stay upright – this helps to improve your posture over time!

That’s not all:

Sitting on the unstable exercise ball can also help you improve stability and balance because you’re constantly engaging your core muscles to stay upright.

Can the Exercise Ball Help With My Mack?


If you suffer from back pain, you’d be pleased to know that the usage of the exercise ball can help to rehabilitate the back. The instability provided by the ball forces your core muscles to strengthen and develop.

three girls in fitness clothes

Core muscles: isn’t that just the abs? Well, no. The core refers to muscles in your body that stabilize and support all your movements. And yes, that means it includes your back!

Also, the ball supports your lower back when you exercise and stretch on it. Many back pain sufferers feel instant relief when they lay over exercise balls.

How do I Choose the Correct Exercise Ball Size?

Good question – there are so many sizes available.

If you’re buying the exercise ball in person, you can ask to try out the different sizes. When you sit on the ball, the correct size for you allows both your feet to be planted on the ground. Additionally, your shins should be vertical against the floor.

But wait – what if you’re making an online purchase?

No worries, you can still make a decision based on your height:

  • Shorter than 155 cm – 45 cm ball
  • Between 155 cm to 170 cm – 55 cm ball
  • Between 173 to 185 cm – 65 cm ball
  • Taller than 188 cm – 75 cm ball

Can I Use the Exercise Ball When Pregnant?

Of course!

Many pregnant women are advised to familiarize themselves with something called the ‘birth ball.’ But really, birth balls are really the same as exercise balls.

So – why should you use the exercise ball if you’re pregnant?

Well, it turns out that exercise balls can help prepare your body for birth. Sitting upright on the ball can help to support and open the pelvis. I think we can all agree that an open pelvis is a crucial bit that needs to happen for childbirth to take place.

women on gym ball

In fact, the exercise ball is also recommended for use in labor as well: it’s said to support a less painful, and shorter labor.

If you’re pregnant and don’t have an exercise ball with you, it’s probably time you got one.

What are the Benefits of Using an Exercise Ball?

Previous questions have covered the main benefits of using an exercise ball, here’s a recap in case you’ve skimmed through the above text:

  • Back and spinal health – supports your lower back when you exercise and stretch; it is capable of providing instant lower back pain relief.
  • Core stability – you’re able to activate your core muscles by just sitting on the ball because of the instability it provides.
  • Posture – there’s no backrest on the exercise ball; you’re forced to sit upright and with proper posture.
  • Birth preparation – regular usage of the exercise ball can help to support and open up the pelvis.
  • Labor – use of the exercise ball during labor helps reduce the pain and is associated with shorter labor durations.


No matter which exercise ball you end up choosing, make sure that it’s able to support the weight of your moving body, stay well-inflated, and is anti-burst.

Other factors like its specific material and texture are entirely up to you, and your personal preferences. Hopefully, you’re now convinced of the benefits of using an exercise ball!

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