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I’ve got to admit; it can be a little bit demotivating to even think about starting a morning yoga routine.

So, why should I do it in the first place?

What if I told you that there are many benefits of morning yoga?

After carrying out extensive research and listening to some testimonials from students who practice yoga, I was able to gather up crucial info on the benefits of early morning yoga and I am delighted to share them with you today!

Benefits of Morning Yoga

woman doing yoga on mountain top during sunrise

Helps You Reduce Stress, Meaning a Happier Life

I am sure you are asking yourself, what does yoga have to do with my happiness?

Well, don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to say that your life is miserable and the only way to be happier is to do yoga. If it was that simple, then we would have a world full of smiling faces.

Yoga just magically allows you to get into a more calm and relaxed state immediately after waking up.

Seeing that the stress hormone (cortisol) is at its highest in the morning, you will need a routine that will enable you to channel all your positive energy into getting ready for the long day ahead of you.

What better way to do that than to start practicing morning yoga?

Starting each day stress-free goes a long way in ensuring that you lead a happier life!

Helps You to Lose Weight

Want to shed off a few pounds?

Or do you just want to be able to look good in those jeans, you used to like so much?

I know signing up at a nearby gym seems like too much work, you probably want something that you can do conveniently from your home.

With a simple yoga mat and a device able to access the internet and stream yoga videos, you are good to go!

There are so many ways in which yoga can help you get rid of a few pounds. Every time you do yoga, your metabolic system is stimulated and as a result, you are able to burn fat.

By replacing all your bad habits with yoga, you are able to enjoy all the benefits of a better mind to body connection and instead of binge eating or drinking the next time you are stressed, you can just pull your yoga mat and relax.

You won’t see the results immediately, but make it a habit, and in the long run, you will see the beautiful changes it brings to your body!

yoga teaching class near ocean

Focus Better Throughout The Day

Isn’t it just frustrating trying to complete a task at work or at home, but your thoughts are all jumbled up?

I have been in this predicament so many times, I can’t even count the number of times I have had to postpone some tasks just because I wasn’t in the right mind to carry them out.

That was all before I started my morning yoga routine.

All the yoga poses I carry out usually require maximum concentration, in the process my brain is able to get into a more focused state. With every deep breath I take, I am able to clear my mind and be more alert.

Guess what?

My day rarely goes wrong after this. I usually feel sharper and I am able to organize my tasks much better.

The Best Way of Cutting Down on Coffee

While it was pretty simple for me to pop up at the nearest coffee shop to get a boost of energy every morning while I went to work, I knew that I needed to find a different, more wholesome alternative.

That’s how yoga came into play.

With postures such as backbends, twists and sun salutations revitalizing my senses, I didn’t need coffee anymore. I felt more alert and my energy levels remained insane throughout the day!

woman doing yoga

Gives You a Greater Posture and Flexibility

Still wondering how to do this?

It is as simple as starting a daily morning yoga routine. I can’t emphasize enough the perks of doing yoga, especially to your posture.

Nobody likes the feeling they get especially when they wake up. Your body feels stiff, and even simple tasks such as brushing your teeth can be a headache.

Your movement becomes similar to that of a robot. Okay, maybe that’s a bit exaggerated, but you get the point.

Yoga stretches your muscles while at the same time helping to tone them. Specific poses such as planks help you to build strength in your core, shoulders, arms, and legs.

Yoga can also help alleviate underlying issues such as backaches and in turn helping you to get a better posture when sitting or even walking.

Keep in mind that yoga is also one of the types of exercises, that needs almost nothing to start. You only need to think about some extra equipment when you are ready to take your yoga sessions to the next level. And even the best yoga wheels of the best yoga swings won’t cost a fortune.

Greater Appetite!

This has got to be my favorite reason for doing yoga.

Why, you ask?

Because I love food! But I can’t eat substantially without adding weight.

That is where Yoga comes in handy.

Just 30-40 minutes of downward dog pose or cat cow pose or planks are enough to accelerate your metabolism and as a result, you are able to digest meals much more efficiently.

Different postures improve circulation and assimilation of different nutrients in the body.

woman doing yoga in morning park

What Is a Good Morning Yoga Routine for Beginners?

Now that you know some of the benefits of doing morning yoga, I bet your next question is: how can I actually do this?

Well, it’s pretty simple here are some routines to start with:

The Downward Dog Pose

If you have a dog, you might as well consider him or her your yoga partner now, haha! Just kidding!

But this posture is similar to that of a dog when it is stretching.

You begin by placing your hands shoulder-width apart with your knees also on the ground. Pressing your palms on the ground slowly lift your knees and body of the ground while remembering to keep your arms straight.

You can engage your hamstrings by stretching the back of your legs by pedaling your heels one at ago.

Stay in this posture for approximately one minute for maximum effect.

The Cat-Cow Pose

This is another simple yoga pose to start with. It is perfect for opening the spine.

You should start by being on all fours (tabletop position), your palms should be shoulder-width apart, perpendicularly below your shoulder.

As you breathe in, look upwards as you drop your back to the floor. After that, exhale while stretching out your spine, with the back arched outwards. Go back to the neutral spine position.

Repeat these two to three times, breathing sufficiently each time.

To Sum It All Up

I can assure you that the benefits of morning yoga cannot be overstated!

You have to start doing it yourself to find out.

The best thing about yoga is that you don’t have to be super fit, or flexible or to be on a particular type of diet in order to start your routine.

It is just a perfect way to connect with your inner self while re-energizing your body.

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I’m a proud mother of two wonderful children and a wife to a loving, affectionate husband. I enjoy exercise – yoga (yes, I teach yoga as well), running, and going to different fitness classes from time to time.

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